Cold Cash

by Ken Masters

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A protest song of high octane poverty fueled poetry, addressing the in-balance between rich and poor. if you can relate have it for free, but if you're a banker you can start paying the money back that you owe me right here!


I've got to make this money but I hate this money
to get paid for my trade need to chase this money
I've waited for my break but I guess I'm unlucky
so I stay put in this place and get an eighth on the chucky
more i spend this money more I resent this money
got a long list of friends who've all lent us money
and they pretend it don't offend but I know it's not funny
so I tell 'em not to worry coz when I've got money
gonna splash that money like a fat cat yuppy
fill their back packs with fat stacks of that cash money
but it's a fact that money got a man like putty
in the hands of the banks as they tax our money
snatch our money, splash our money
and it's not funny, coz that's our money
stuffed in the pants of a playboy bunny
in the back of a car, acting slutty for money
but it's funny as in peculiar what we do for the money
from sucking and fucking for money to death and destruction for money, does money make you, or do you make the money?
bribes for blind eyes just be wise take the money
taste the money, save the money, pay the money, waste the money,
money, money, money, making the world go round the bend dummy
lend money, borrow money, spend pretend money
blow money, owe money, in the end money is worthless
but how much you earn is
a measure of your status so we chase it 'til it burns us
curses us, we reap the seeds we sow
the need feeds the greed, the greed proceeds to grow
the bread the readies the paper the dosh the dough
if there's hell below we're all gonna go chasing those...

pounds, pesos, dollars, yen
what percentage of debt for every single ten
they're profiting off ignorance of women and men
coz everything we think we own belongs to them
euros, rubles, rupees, bats
they're unifying currency and didn't even ask
population controlled through their hard earned cash
and if we flourish too much they make the stock market crash

don't say a thing
they'll make it worth your while with all the bling money can bring
money spin, a web of deceit get a receipt for your goods
coz believe they're thieving more than teenagers in hoods
extortionate prices how disproportionate life is
the gap between classes is massive and cash is the cause of the crisis, we know the story of midas, but we ignore the warning signs and morals behind it coz we're morally blinded by greed
there's enough to feed the people in need
but they don't want us to know so they don't teach us to read
keeping us ignorant, indifferent as we reach for the dividends
living in hope of a winning ticket to make them millions
it's not a lottery, it's a plot to keep us poverty stricken
carrot on a stick in front of a donkey economy driven
innocent citizens filling the pockets of villains
coffers filled to the brim, ch-ching, the plot thickens
since the beginning of the business of banks
men in high ranks have kept their beady eyes on finance
orchestrating depression and the credit crunch
making us dependent on their every hunch
the vatican stratagem bunch with the grip of elephant trunks
planning globalization and claiming expenses for lunch
as long as they spend it in chunks, they lend it to chumps
charge a percentage expected by the end of the month

the cash, the brass, the money, currency, the cream
the paper, the bills, the silver, the nuggets, the duckets, the green
the funds, the readies, the bread, the pounds, the dough
cash rules everything around us bro.


released October 4, 2012
words: Ken Masters
beats: CraftmatiK



all rights reserved


Ken Masters Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

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