by Ken Masters

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Together we stand divided we fall,
Whether you cypher in rhymes or cypher on floors,
Two timing the vinyl or writing on walls,
Which ever way it is that you fight for the cause one day there'll be a time for us all,
The tribe is unified and consolidated,
BAD TASTE to the LIONS iron and armour plated,
ROACHES and HEAVY SMOKERS got it locked and incarcerated,
Dominate on a pavement drop a break and we're conversating,
GETLOW to FLOMO episode in the dojo,
Collective representatives bare the emblem and logo,
Hip Hop on the chest the love is SECOND TO NONE,
feels so right it can never be wrong,
From ROCKSTEADY to 7GEMS the stepping is strong the weapon is armed,
TRINITY WARRIOR in a battle detonating the bomb,
FORCE 10 wind of change bringing the plague,
Competition is slain for the winner to RAIN,
Simple and plain originality stands alone,
where ever you lay your hat that's your home,
And Newcastle city's the battle dome bringing it through,
So you could say that we're all NEWCASTLE CITY KREW,
LA FAMILIA, brothers of MIXED BLOOD sick cuz,
Many a rhythm has bit dust competition is crushed,
No kid gloves bringing the kids up paving the way,
CUSTOMizing the BREAKS its hard to keep the FLAVA at BAY,
MZK saving the day,
SOUL MAVERICKS having it MAD DOPE making em pay,
my ILL ABILITIES means nothing can limit me,
I'm a living and breathing example of raw synergy,
this is a stick up everyone get on the floor literally,
while I'm STYLing the ELEMENTS metaphors and the similies,
ROCKAFELLAZ together the crews swagger and steelo
Is unified you and I keep the crew alive,
On a music high reppin the true to life it's do or die
That's why I had to bless the beat and address the people,
Send my speech to the speaker and into the air and ether,
Step in the arena, where we progress and proceed with the message received from Sedgwick and Cedar the Mecca medina,
In circles circa 73 up to the present era,
Any religion gender or creed if you're reppin the team we are one.

Together we cluster,
We're all particles in this molecular structure,
Part of a bigger picture bicarbonate in the mixture articles in a scripture,
One cog in a mechanism,
One cell in an organism,
One grain of sand on a beach,
One beat in a bar one bar in a composition,
A symphony soliloquy infiltrating the industry,
Heavy artillery kill a beat lyrically physically visually spiritually go to war for inner peace,
Hit the walls with the illest piece,
Hit the floors then hit a freeze,
Grip the cord then spit some frees,
Pull the biggest beat out of the inner sleeve and,
Drop it on the one the undeniable one,
The primary binary parental advisory bomb,
Same song sheet we're singing from strong beat we kill it on,
Concrete bring it on complete the figure one,
Ciphers ignite gimme the Mic I'll bring it to life,
The writtens I write are never the stereotypical type that's why they're giving it hype,
Killing a beat and threatening it's next of kin,
Never putting the minimal effort in always giving it everything,
Let the record spin music on wax,
One nation under a groove moving in packs,
It's a proven fact all crews are attached,
through manoeuvres in combat the movement is one mass.


released November 10, 2016
words: Ken Masters
beats: KraftMatic
cuts: DJ A.D.S.
mixed and mastered by King Hippo
in honour of BTC, NCK and dedicated to all who've passed through JUST JAM, the greatest event on the planet, we are one! Peace.



all rights reserved


Ken Masters Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

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